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Evaluation and Collection of luxury handbags and high-end watches

About Us

Evaluation and Purchasing Service at Redset: Our Commitment to Excellence

Introducing the valuation and purchasing service offered by Redset, your one-stop shop in the world of luxury handbags and watches. Located in the heart of Lugano, we are passionately and professionally dedicated to offering you a comprehensive experience in appraising and disposing of high-end pieces.

Our Experience at Your Service:

With deep knowledge and long-standing experience in the luxury industry, our team of experts is constantly updated on market trends and the intrinsic value of high-quality items. This knowledge allows us to offer valuations that reflect not only the current market value, but also the prestige and history of the object itself.

Our assessment process is driven by thoroughness and accuracy. When you bring your watch or bag to our showroom, our team will carefully examine every detail, considering cosmetic condition, authenticity, documentation and other relevant features. This thorough process allows us to provide you with a realistic and transparent estimate of the item's value.

At Redset, your trust is our top priority. We act with the utmost transparency and seriousness in every transaction. We will provide you with detailed information about the assessment made and the basis on which it was calculated. In addition, should you decide to proceed with divestment, our offer will always be fair and in line with current market dynamics.

Once you accept our offer, you can count on a safe and smooth transfer. We will take care of all logistical and administrative aspects, ensuring a comprehensive service that will free you from any worries.

How to Start:

If you would like to appraise or dispose of your luxury watch or handbag, we invite you to make an appointment at our showroom in Lugano. Our team will be happy to welcome you and guide you through the process, answering any questions you may have and providing personalized advice.

Choose Redset for uncompromising evaluation and divestment based on experience and attention to detail. Your satisfaction is our greatest reward.

Experience and Professionalism Merged at Redset.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment.